We all want immediate results. That big wedding day is coming up, or an important athletic event, or maybe a beach vacation with a body goal in mind. It’s all personal to you, and you are definitely not alone if “patience” is not your favorite word in the dictionary.

In general, you want to choose the right strength program; intake the proper calories, protein and supplements; and get proper recovery and rest. But who has time to wait for gains? Here are some tried-and-true ways to get stronger in a hurry:


Here’s a general guideline to follow if you are…

Americans on average consume way more sugar than we realize — and it’s not our fault. Really. Well, we’re responsible for what we put in our mouths, but a lot of the added sugar in a typical American diet is “lurking” in products such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, protein bars, yogurt, granola, cocktails, pasta sauce, and those fancy lattes (you know what we’re talking about. Read the nutrition labels. You may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Our bodies don’t need sugar to function properly. Added sugars fill us with a lot of unneeded calories and absolutely zero nutrients. The…

Let’s face it: We don’t always make wise choices when it comes to food. No matter how disciplined we try to be, we become victims of routine. But we’re here to tell you there are some simple food hacks that can help you, even when you are eating out.

There are hundreds of ways to make simple food substitutions to improve your health and make you feel better, maybe even drop a few pounds. Here are nine simple food swaps you can make today for a healthier lifestyle:

In The History of Physical Fitness Part One, we took you from the caveman to the European migration to the Americas. That was a lot of ground to cover in one blog post. But fasten up your seatbelts, because today we’ll be taking you on the rest of the journey.

In Part Two of our history class, we begin with our nation’s birth and take you to the current day, when help is just a click away with apps on your smart phone.

Our Fit Founding Fathers (and Mothers)

We all learned in grade school that our founding fathers were equipped with some of the sharpest…

Jack LaLanne opened America’s first health club in 1936. Jane Fonda virtually created the fitness video industry in 1982. Richard Simmons had us sweatin’ to the oldies later in the ’80s. This trio of health junkies are first-ballot Fitness Hall of Famers.

But if you want to know the real history of physical fitness, you’re going to have to look deeper into the history books. Wa-a-a-y deeper. Without further ado, here is Havasu Nutrition’s History of Physical Fitness (or How Humans Have Battled Beer Bellies for Millennia).

Primitive Fitness: The Caveman Workout

In the beginning, humans were a nomadic species who spent days hunting and…

It would be AMAZING if you could eat whatever you wanted without any consequences…

…but, unfortunately, uninhibited eating habits always return in the form of extra poundage, bad skin, high cholesterol, and about a million other things that I won’t list here.

And the thing is, we ALL know what to do: Eat less and move more. But that’s easier said than done, right? Because losing weight simply comes down to making CHANGES.
(NOTE: You can choose to do absolutely nothing and that’s cool because we aren’t into body-shaming. …

Raise your hand if you’ve had to be super creative in working out through a pandemic. Disrupted routines, increased anxiety, difficulty sleeping, cancellation of marathons and local 5Ks, the shuttering of gyms, yoga studios and other exercise venues . . . it has all conspired to throw us off our game.

But perseverance is all part of that beastmode mindset, right? We’ll do whatever it takes. If anything, this has shown us new ways to work out. How many times have you thrown a yoga mat down outside and streamed a workout class on a laptop? How many virtual races…

That’s a colon. It is crucial to everyday life. It’s the upper-case key just to the right of the letter L on a laptop keyboard, or under the 3 on an iPhone’s character keypad. A colon is so important, it’s even the eyes on an old-fashioned smiley face emoji.

Oh, wait! You want to read about that other colon. Well, it’s the same thing, really. A good colon in your body makes you smile. Without a proper one, everything else around it starts to fall apart. You never want to take a colon for granted.

Most of us don’t consider…

Reap the benefits of longer, stronger, & healthier hair with collagen peptides.

Ok, ladies, let’s be honest. As we age, well… it comes with its challenges. You know the ones we’re talking about…

On top of that, at an increasing rate, our bodies are losing collagenall that good stuff that keeps our skin looking beautiful.

But did you know collagen is not only for fabulous looking skin? It’s also what gives us longer, healthier, and shinier hair

What Is Collagen And Why Do I Need A Collagen Supplement?

The answer is it simply depends…

You think about health and wellness constantly, you work out regularly, you try to eat right, and maybe you even follow the most awesome health experts on social media…

…so why do you have that occasional “gut feeling” that something is not quite right with your gut?

Yes — even those of us who are extra focused on our health can develop digestive issues or experience stomach discomfort. According to Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist Gerard Mullin, M.D. “As we age, the natural cycles slow down and don’t work as well.” Mullin says this results in heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation.


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